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Send them through the Taxes2Go App

Snap pictures of your tax documents

Click this buton to get started!

Your taxes just
got a whole
lot easier!

TaxesToGo (T2G), is taxes
on YOUR time!
It's the safe, simple, secure way to send 
us your tax documents, any time of the day, from anywhere you are. 
You'll get the same detailed, professional service as a face-to-face visit without the hassle of traveling.  
Your preparer will be in touch when your documents are received & stay in touch until your return is e-filed, plus we're here for you year-round.
The TaxesToGo app is free to download, so don't let taxes tie you down. Use our T2G app to submit your documents when it's convenient for you!
The IRS tax year deadline of 4/15/24 still 

Here's how to get started...
Simply click on the TaxesToGo button above & we'll send you a link to the app.
Once you have the app...
 1. Tap "Sign-Up" & enter a username, email address & password (8 characters       minimum with at least 1 number & 1 special character).
 2. Answer the question "Are you Married?" with a "YES" or "NO" & swipe left to    move to the next screen.
 3. Scan the barcode on the back of your
 driver's license to populate your personal information.  You can edit address & name changes later in the app.
 4. Capture photos of your tax documents as you're prompted.
 5. Take a selfie; w
e'll use this image as an extra level of security.
 6. Review & edit your personal information.

  7. Add applicable social security numbers.
 8. Add dependent information if applicable.
 9. Enter your best contact phone number so we can call with 
questions if needed. 
10. Review your information & documents.
11. Submit your information & documents.
12. The app will generate a Tax Code specifically for you. Call or email us with your last name & tax code & we'll begin preparing your return.
13. When your return is complete, we'll send a copy for you to review & sign.
14.  Your signed return will be e-filed with the IRS & an encrypted, password protected copy will be emailed to you. 

It's that easy!

Sign your Return

It's that simple!

Fast, easy & secure professional tax preparation

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